Words of Encouragement for Kids

3 min readMay 26, 2021

We often listen if the foundations of a building are solid then the building will solid too. The same strategy also works for raising kids, if they are raised with good ethics and nobility they become responsible members of society.

Dear Parents, encouragement is an important part of success, which has been overlooked by many parents. Although sharp children don’t need it very often, however, many children need it usually. To encourage these kids, some helpful tips are mentioned below.

ways to encourage children
  1. If a kid is doing a difficult task or doing a job that takes a lot of effort, let them know that you are satisfied with their work, as this will lead them to embark on similar projects in the future.
  2. Explain to them that un-satisfactory performance in tests should not be a cause for hopelessness, since doing effort is the vital factor; if it is present, then everything is present.
  3. Regarding a specific issue, if a child is right and you are wrong, acknowledging your mistake will increase your respect and not diminish it.
  4. If a kid achieves something great, performs a good deed, or helps someone, encourage him by complimenting him and saying: “well done”. You can also present a gift that would make the kid happy and increase his enthusiasm and interest in doing well again in the future.
  5. It has been observed that everyone tries to be a “judge” in matters relating to kids and in the name of teaching ethics and discipline they often forget these same things. In case the kids make a mistake, instead of offending them, explain it to them patiently. However, do not always praise the child and say “well done”, but also identify their mistakes in an exemplary manner. For example, while advising them on a mistake, also mention something commendable so that it is easier for them to digest what you are saying.
  6. Spend time with the children, talk to them, do little activities with them, and answer their questions. In this way, they will be attached to you and their confidence will increase.
  7. Set a goal or challenge for your child and, when completed, present a reward commensurate with its accomplishment. In this way, the child will see that his family is close to him and involved in his life, and he will not feel alone.
  8. If they want to talk to the elders, let them. However, in addition to that, teach them its manner beforehand, and make them aware of things to keep in mind when speaking in the presence of the elders.

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Dear parents, remember that children are like wet sand, they will adopt the way they are treated. To increase their confidence, rather than constantly scolding and discouraging them, encourage them as this will increase their confidence and they will succeed in their life.

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